Through proper legal procedures, You can claim the custody of your daughter on the ground that your husband is drunkard and not able to care for your daughter.

In this case you can move to the police station of your area and complain against your in-laws under 498 A of Indian Penal Code. You are also free to file a divorce petition in the family Court.

Yes, it may be a solid ground for divorce if she is denying for marital pleasure without any apt reason.

Divorce through mutual consent is the best possible and the speediest way to get divorce in India. Following this procedure, both the parties can file a case using even the common lawyers. 

In most of the cases where husband initiates divorce procedure, he is liable to give compensation. However, during the court proceedings, it depends upon real time circumstances and points raised.

This may not be the proper ground to seek divorce from your wife. The fact remains unanswered and the court will ask you why she has got into habit.

As per the new legal provisions, a well-capable wife may have to pay some money to her poor husband if she gives divorce from her side. But it depends upon various real time evidences and circumstances that are brought to the court of law. 

Your sister is equally eligible to have a part in your father’s property as you have. The law of the land does not make indiscrimination on the basis of gender.

No, you have no legal right to demand anything from your wife’s salary. This matter completely depends upon understanding and persuasion.

Nominee is such a person who gets benefitted under nomination and distributes the same to his/her legal heirs. Nominee can also be one of the legal heirs to take the benefit. This preposition has been laid down by the Supreme Court in a case pertaining to LIC nomination.