Consumer Protection

To ensure reasonable competition and the free flow of truthful information in the marketplace it is necessary to have in place customer security regulations. The regulations are designed to prevent businesses that practice scams or specified unjust methods for getting an advantage over opponents. These regulations may provide additional security for the poor and those who are unable to take care of themselves. Consumer Protection regulations are a form of government control which aim to secure the passions of customers.

The appropriate organization in Indian for customer security is the Nationwide Consumer Conflicts Percentage. Ministry engaged in the same is Secretary of State for Consumer Matters. The major law regulating the customer security in Indian is Consumer Protection Act of 1986. Under this law individual Consumer tribunals have been set up throughout Indian in each and every region in which a customer can computer file an issue. The attraction could be registered to the State Consumer Community and after that to the national Consumer Community. The techniques in these tribunals are relatively fewer officials and more people friendly. We as a number of well-informed supporters can help you obtain rights in all issues with regards to customer protection.


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