Contract Disputes

Delhi Lawyers is a growing commercial and contractual consultancy based in Delhi, India, supporting clients in the construction business. If you joined into an executed agreement and the other side did not meet up with its end of the deal, you want a knowledgeable lawyer to secure your passions. You want a lawyer who is aware of agreement law and can help you restore all the laws to which you are eligible. At Astha law firm Company, our knowledgeable business lawyers litigate a variety of agreement conflicts for individuals and businesses varying in size from only proprietorships to worldwide organizations and relationships. Contact our lawyer today for an initial assessment. Our company lawsuits lawyers have all-inclusive encounter in matters involving: Business disputes

We signify clients in a variety of commercial conflicts, such as violation of the agreement, violation of anti-solicitation contracts, and contract conflicts such as employment issues, misappropriation of trade tricks, unjust competition and collaboration or investor conflicts.

Breach of contract

If you joined into a performed agreement and the other party did not meet up with its end of the deal, we can help you restore the loss. We have happenstance attaining loss for out-of-pocket expenses, injunctive relief, loss of the "benefit of the deal," specific performance and other unexpected and resulting losses.

Scams litigation

We litigate statements such as fraud or misunderstanding, whether deliberate or irresponsible, such as statements based on the concealment of content fast.

Infringement disputes

We are dedicated to defending and implementing the privileges of business management and business owners. We know the right steps to take in obtaining our consumers' best passions in signature conflicts, trademark violation and trade key lawsuits.

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