In India, The Legal Procedure For The Possession Of Gun

Submitted by asandil on Thu, 05/19/2016 - 19:18

Possessing and owning a gun in India is considered as a privilege and not a right. The licensed person can only legally own, obtain or exchange an ammunition or firearm.
The Arms Rule 1962 and the Arms Act 1959, of India, disallows the deal, ownership, import, export, procurement, fabricate and transport of ammunition and guns unless under a permit and is a stringent procedure.
India’s government has a restrictive policy offering and generating guns, except some shotguns, of which a set number may be imported and created.

Firearms classified as a two categories by The Arms act:
- Prohibited Bore (PB), and
- Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB).
All fully automatic and semi- automatic firearms comes under the Prohibited bore category.

Restrictions on the Possession of Firearms:
-Authorized gun owner can only, exchange or have an ammunition or gun,
-In India, the minimum age for firearm proprietorship is 21 years,
-In India, for a weapon proprietor’s permit candidate required to set up criterion to have a gun (Example- security, target shooting, individual insurance and etc),
-For a gun permit a candidate must have to pass a personal investigation, which considers mental, abusive and criminal behavior,
-To get a weapon permit, a candidate does not require experience any hypothetical or practical training class and not require an understanding of gun security, with a specific end goal,
-For 3 years only, weapon permit is valid,
-Firearm proprietors must re-fit and re-apply the bill for their gun permit,
-A record is kept up for every individual's non-military personnel to get, offer, have and exchange an ammunition or gun,
-For each buy an authorized firearm proprietor can buy a maximum of 25 round of ammunition, subject to a sum of 50 round for each annum, And
-The authorized gun proprietors are allowed to have a maximum of 3 guns .
-The authorized gun proprietors are allowed to have a maximum of 3 guns,
-Private ownership of self-automatic guns and weapons is allowed under permit for assurance and target shooting,
-Particular gauges are allowed, in additionally regular citizen ownership of shotguns and rifles are allowed, and
-By regular folks, ownership of programmed guns is disallowed.

Official procedure to be followed:
-An application should be made for the grant of the permit to the concerned authority, contain such particular and be joined by such charge, if any, as may be prescribed.
-The person has the authority to ask for the report of the responsible officer from the closest police headquarters, on the basis of receipt of an application and within stipulated time, such officer should send his report.
-After such request, the licensing authority, as it may consider important and as mentioned above after considering the report and subject to the provision of the Act, may either give the permit or decline.
-If the officer of closest police headquarters does not send his report within the given time, as required. The authorizing authority, considers it fit, make such request, after the expiry of the endorsed time, instead of waiting for the report.
-Only the licensing authority grant the license. If it is satisfied that the individual by whom the permit is required has a valid reason behind getting the license.