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Labour & Industrial Disputes

The Astha Law Company has significant experience in work law issues, almost of every aspect in this respect, which range from labour-management interaction to fair career methods. Law Company also suggests on issues concerning retirement living, well being benefit plans and career elegance regulations. The Astha Law Company also suggests customers on major industrial conflicts such as employer-employee problems, re-organization, changes in the workforce, terms and condition of career etc. Astha Law Company's customers can seek advice on the following issues:

Commercial problems in relationship with mergers and acquisitions

  • Career and linked agreements
  • Discrimination
  • Protection legislation
  • Business Partnership issues
  • Worker disputes
  • Termination
  • Promotion
  • Transfer
  • Justice under ITEPF, ESI, etc.
  • Solution against Stop Labour practice
  • Commercial conflicts adjudication
  • Release and its approval
  • After retirement benefits
  • Household & disciplinary inquiry
  • Retrenchment and compensation
  • Worker settlement cases
  • Lawful advantage and facilities
  • Publication demand
  • Situations under EPF, ESI, Business Union
  • Attraction and writ petition

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