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Real Estate, Property, Inheritance & Will Lawyer in Delhi

Tired of builder’s fake guarantees or still waiting for the due possession? It's time to be smart and cautious. Our law Firm offer solutions which can allow buyers/clients who seek to buy, sell, rent, rent or invest in Native Indian Actual Residence. Our Astha Law Company's suggest provides lawful solutions for a whole range of property dealings. Astha Law Company's solutions in title investigation, buying, selling, rental & leasing and growth of real estate have been used by a lot of growth of real estate companies, individuals and designers of personal and professional projects. Our Astha Law Company's suggest can help you in lawful certification for the buying, leasing, selling, mortgage of properties including professional, industrial, farming and home. Our Astha Law Company's supporters have expertise in the appropriate local laws, such as seal responsibilities and requirements of signing up.

If you have any problem regarding Lease Deed, Agreement to Sell, Mortgage Deed, Release or Relinquishment Deed, Partition of Property, landlord/Tenant Issue or may be Real Residence Acquisition.

You should always claim the ancestral property by legal means. Properties that was earned by parents by themselves could only be transferred by wills. 

To protect yourself from any fraud you should have current updated documents. 

- Clear document stating the description of the property

- Explicit mention of the area and size

- Explicit mention of the name

- Details of the property after the proper evaluation the same.

The documents should be translated into the language that the owner can understand and have clear information about what they own and possess in India. If one possesses all the updated documents and validated title deed, even if a fraud is committed one can quickly take legal action against the fraudster.


Here is a list of crucial documents that must be verified while purchasing a ready-to-move property:

Sale deed :  It acts as a proof of sale and transfer of the property. 

2. Completion/Occupancy Certificate:  A Completion Certificate (CC) is issued by the municipal authorities on the completion of the project.  This certificate reads that the property has been built in accordance with the approved codes and other laws making it suitable for occupancy. Both these documents are mandatory while seeking loans from banks and financial institutions or while applying for water, sanitation, and electricity connection.

3. Building plan:  Building plan is another document that needs to be cross-checked before finalising a property purchase.

4.  Allotment Letter & Possession Letter: This will be issued by development authority or developer.

5. Mutation certificate

6. Chain of property document : You must collect this to avoid future surpises. It includes right details from first owner to last owner.

7. Encumbrance Certificate: Title search report for upto 30 years.

8. Mortagaged Documents: List of documents possessed by Banks along with Loan statement.

9. Property Tax Receipts: Make sure to have upto date tax documents. Make sure to verify these documents with Owners's Name & Propert Details.

10. Utility Bills: Make sure to verify with Owner Name.

11. Car Park Allotment Letter

12. NOC from RWA - Required for sale deed registration

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