civil law

Here are a few top considerations about how Civil Lawyers stand by you

Submitted by asandil on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 19:12

Civil laws are primarily based on the law system that usually provides a set of written and accessible collection of the laws which are applied to all citizens even to all legal professionals including lawyers. A civil case focuses on getting a particular amount of compensation that justifies the discomfort that one has gone through by an organization or a person. On the other hand, a criminal law focuses on getting the guilty punished for the crime that he or she has committed.

Indian law firms: keeping pace with the changing times

Submitted by asandil on Fri, 04/18/2014 - 11:59

In the past two decades, India has registered never-before changes in all walks of life. Be it in instructive segment, health area or whatever viable field, the nation is upgrading itself to administer the consistency in each and every area. In such a situation, Indian law is likewise changing itself to actualize better delivery of justice in the perpetually developing nation.

News gathering grants and privileges of journalists as determined by the law

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A free press is said to be one of the foundational pillars of a democratic society. The law makers across the globe have granted so many privileges to the profession of journalism. The freedom of expression is considered to be totally different from the liberties that are conferred upon other individuals and institutions. The freedom given to a journalist is not of individualistic nature, and implies to the right of accredited print and media bodies that can express and publish their views related to any walk of life.

Right to Privacy in India needs both drastic development and remarkable improvement

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Privacy is a natural right that every human being requires. It includes so many prospects such as non disclosure of confidential information, sexual affairs, business secrets and non observance of the private matters of any person by others. In simple words, we can say that privacy is a state in which a person enjoys pure isolation and separation from others.

Indian law and its key branches at a glance

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The law system that is operational in India is called Indian laws. Most of the provisions in Indian judiciary system are influenced by ancient texts including Arthshastra and Manusmriti. Just like Indian constitution, a large part of these provisions has been drawn from some popular laws of western countries. The Indian constitution itself is a great source of laws that are in effect in the country and there are bodies that issue certain rules to be followed by each and every Indian.