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Delhi Lawyers - Astha Law

Astha Law Solutions, playing the C-suite like that of the real bonds hold the privilege to be among the top-notch lawyers holding the superiority of experience in their kitty. Astha Law Solutions is not just a firm that is here to assist you with lawyers, but we are right here at your service 24x7 with our Golden Rule to fight for justice.  Our firm takes this privilege to be part of your case and make it not better but strong with our team of professional lawyers who are on a panel of experts listed in the top courts and are one of the best lawyers in Delhi

Your Fight is Our Fight!

Our Transparency

  •  Budget Friendly Cost
  •  Keen Professionals
  •  Principled and Trustworthy
  •  Aggressive and Knowledgeable
  •  Free consulting on Sundays at the Head Branch

Representing the team of Astha Law Solutions, we stir the things and settle them to the right place to take up every task professionally and we abide by saying the words for you.

“I represent you”

"Putting you first"

Free legal help for the poor:
We believe in Justice for everyone. Due to that reason, we offer free legal services to poor people who can't hire a lawyer.
Right now free legal help is only for people residing in Delhi but we aim to expand our help on an India basis.
We invite other lawyers to connect with us if they believe in the same as we want to serve as many people as we can.

Astha Law Solution has a balance of experience and innovation, our lawyers have in-depth knowledge and innovative thinking.
Our vision and insight differentiate us from other law firms in Delhi. We commit full focus on client service and appropriate solutions to client matters.

If you need expert legal advice on any legal matter, call us in Delhi 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at +91 9899245677 or contact us.  We offer a range of legal services that are tailored to your needs. We're here to help at every step of your journey.

We provide the information to the client upon request abiding under the section of the lawyer-client relationship.  Also, our professional Lawyers in Delhi provide you with cost-effective and affordable services be it High Court or be it Supreme Court.

How do I choose a advocate?

1. Practice Area Specialization - Most lawyers tend to practice in one or two specific areas and get really good at it over time. Make sure to hire a specialized lawyers.
2. Courts of Practice - Knowing where your matter is to be filed and where the Lawyer practices is important. It's good if you can easily meet your lawyer.
3. Experienced lawyers prepare for contingencies well in advance. Thus, they are well placed to make their best effort and secure a favourable outcome.
4. Cost Implications or Fees - Consultation with lawyer and discussion about fee can help determine the cost or fee structure of the lawyer.

Can I fight my case in court by my own?

Yes, of course! From lower court to supreme court, you can appear and argue your case in-person. The layman who want to fight his own case must satisfy the Court first that he has proper knowledge of the procedural law, drafting and other Laws and secondly that the Court do not have to waste time in every step of the way to make him understand the laws as huge cases are pending. There will be no scope of excuse that the layman was ignorant of any law.

Some Courts like Consumer Forum has no strong Procedural law to follow. This forum allows layman to fight there own case. No court's permission is required to appear in person.

Can I take free legal aid?

Following people are entitled for free legal aid:
I. Minor or woman
II. Having annual income less than rupees nine thousand or such other higher amount as may be prescribed by the State Government or Central Government.
III. Member of SC or ST
IV. Industrial workmen
V. Mentally ill or disabled
VI. Victim of mass violence or destruction
VII. In custody as per Juvenile justice act or immoral traffic prevention act or mental health act
VIII. Victim of trafficking or begar

Can I change my lawyer in the middle of a case?

Yes, You can change your lawyer with the permission of the court, remember sometimes the court may not permit you to change the lawyer.