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"Will” indicates the lawful announcement of the objective of testator with regard to his residence which he preferred to be taken after the impact of his loss of life.

A will is a legitimate personality of a residing individual to take impact after his loss of life, to bogus impact after his loss of life of his non reusable residence but in law Ultimate volunteers in the program is used where areas or tenements are developed, and Testament, when it concerns chattels.

The term “will” is commonly known and used and it has a well recognized importance as significance a personality which is to take the impact on the loss of life of an individual. “Will” has been described in Area 2 (h) of the Sequence Act to mean the lawful announcement of the objective of a testator with regard of his residence which he wishes to be taken into the impact after his loss of life.

A will, therefore, will depend on the testators loss of life for is vitality and impact. The major analyze to be used is, whether the personality becomes effective during the lifetime of the executants of the action, or, whether it becomes effective after his death. There is no argument to one aspect of a device managing in presenting as an action and another in the future as a will.

A will or any aspect of the will, the creating of which has been expensed by scams or coercion, or by such signs as taken away from the organization the testator is a gap. A well created by a Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh or Jain is controlled by the conditions of the Native Indian Sequence Act, 1925. However Mohammedan is not controlled by the Native Indian Sequence Act, 1925 and they can get rid of their residence according to Islamic Law.

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