Partnership dispute settlement

When you are experiencing a partnership law suit and look for the Lawful Solutions of a Great Judge Suggest or a Superior Judge Suggest having the essential experience to properly handle your legal dispute, you are in our Astha Law Company’s safe hands. The conflicts that occur in collaboration can be arranged as regarding accounts, development & requirements, dissolution of the collaboration, limited collaboration, common privileges and responsibilities of associates, pension of associate, privileges and obligations to third parties, changing passions, change of possession, financial arguments, collaboration dissolution, development problems, including, transforming, re-orientating to or from LLPs, Disputes over possession of business residence, etc.

Like all relationship, business relationship has it’s own dynamics and things can go wrong. Every business has faced one or other types of disputes. If partner failes to amicably resolve the dispute, it can result into a devastating result for the company or organization. Sometimes partners of very successful businesses also goes into dispute and this must be resolve soon without further damage to the organisation.

  1. Financial Disputes

  2. Authority Disputes

  3. Income and expense Disputes

  4. Work Pressure Disputes

  5. Cultural Disputes & Others

We at Astha Law Solutions try our best to settle a dispute between partner with minimal disruption while keeping interest of all parties. Our approach is very simple and we go through all the partnership agreement in place and fix accountability of each partner before escalating further. Our primary focus is to get the desired result without damaging business and try to find mutually acceptable solution without going court.

If you are experiencing an argument with an associate, co-owner or trader in real estate (whether it is in lawsuits yet or not), The Great Judge Suggest and Superior Judge Suggest in our Lawful Firm can provide useful Lawful Solutions and help you take care of your argument and signify your passions. There are few key points to remember for reolving disputes.

1. Direct Negotiation: We encourage partners to communicate with each others in the presence of our experts to achieve amicable outcome.

2. Dispute Reolution: If negotiation is too big to be handled, we follow the agreement and find the resolution process acordingly.

3. Alternative Method: Many mediation services are available and we recommend them based on the complexity and cost.

How to avoid Partnership Dispute?

  1. You must have a partnership agreement ready. Contact an expert to help you prepare that to avoid future dispute. It’s best to have legal assistance in the beginning than later.

  2. You must define roles and responsibilities of each partner in the beginning. Make people accountable for their respective work. Capital contributions, profits, all company property etc should be well explained since beginning.

  3. Your agreement most cover things like what happened if partner dies or goes something wrong. It should include buy out options in these cases. It’s difficult to anticipate everything in business and an expert can help you here.

  4. If you cant come to agreement, it might be time for partnership dissolve. Keep litigation as last options.

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