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Cybersecurity Laws in India: Secure your Brand’s Online Presence

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Cybercrime can be defined as any criminal conduct involving a computer, networked device, or any other linked equipment. While some cybercrimes are committed with the aim of making money for the perpetrators, other cybercrimes are committed specifically to harm or disable computers or other equipment. It’s also feasible for other parties to disseminate viruses, unlawful information, photos, or any other type of content through computers or networks.

Consumer Protection Laws in India: What You Need to Know

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The growth of businesses and the economy as a whole depends heavily on consumers. Consumer interest protection and product and service quality control are the main focuses of consumer protection legislation, which aims to empower consumers to make informed decisions. Keeping in mind the rapid changes in industry and commerce around the world, The (Indian) Consumer Protection Act, 1986 was updated with a new and more broader law which came into action in 2020 and new rules and regulations.

Rights of women in a live-in relationship

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A LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIP is a situation in which an unmarried couple cohabitates in the same residence as one another during the course of a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage. This kind of arrangement enables a man and a woman to co-exist in their relationship without getting married. In metropolitan Cities, such kind of union has emerged as a viable choice for marriage.

Women however are frequently the party that feels resentment since they are in such a volatile relationship. continue reading to learn more about the rights of women in live-in relationships.

Live-in relationships law in India

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Indian society shunned the idea of a live-in relationship for a very long period. In Indian tradition, it used to be illegal to live together before getting married. The Hindu Dharma prefers “One man, one wife” as the most sacred type of matrimony, which is vital. But, as society begins to advance intellectually, new generations are willing to put up with a few objectionable customs.

Copyright Claim vs. Copyright Strike

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If you create content for YouTube or any other social media platforms then you definitely have heard of copyright claims and strikes. But you might not be aware of the distinction between the two digital right infractions. Depending on the situation, copyright infringement might result in different penalties, but you must be aware of your duties and commitments as a YouTube creator. Even when acting innocently, ignorance is not a valid excuse.  

Rights of Trademark Owner

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The whole procedure of registering a trademark is expensive and time-consuming. Nonetheless, the owner of a registered trademark is granted a number of significant rights as soon as the registration is secured. These privileges are valid for ten years and are renewable. On the other hand, a trademark owner who does not have a registered trademark also has rights under common law. The ability to forbid a third party from using an identical or confusingly similar trademark in certain situations is one of the rights granted to both registered and unregistered trademark owners.

Marriage and Divorce under the Special Marriage Act 1954

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India has long been a nation of many different cultures and secularism. Likewise, marriage has long maintained a hallowed place in Indian society, with people holding the union of two people as a couple in the highest regard. Marriage nowadays is a union of two families rather than two people because of the various standards and ethics that the institution of marriage has amassed throughout history. There is typically a high amount of social participation when choosing marriage partners.

Difference Between Agreement And Contract In India

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Many of us frequently use the phrases “Agreement” and “Contract” interchangeably. However, there is a big difference between these two words. Do you understand the distinction between an agreement and a contract? If not, there is no need for concern. You are in the appropriate location. The distinction between an agreement and a contract will be covered in great length in this essay.

Definition with Examples

Traffic police rules in India: Things to remember if stopped by traffic police

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Every driver requested to be pulled over by a policeman at some point in their life. A traffic cop's task is to stay traffic flow on the roadways as smooth as possible. Broken rules are ensured by traffic police. However, many folks are unaware of the aim behind the pull-over request. it's the time to be mindful of one's rights and keep calm.

At a traffic stop, what documents are required?