Daughter-in-law’s legal rights in her In-laws house at a glance

Submitted by asandil on 4/12/2014

As per legal calculations, the rights of a daughter-in-law over the property of her husband or in-laws are same as that of her husband. Needless to say that there are so many legal provisions that secure a daughter-in-law on the property related front of her domestic life, but still the disputes take place and they have to move on towards the legal corridors. In our social fabrics, the daughter-in-laws are hardly secured as far as their property rights are concerned.

The law of the land gives them the following rights:

  • Anything that comes to husband is all the way hers also. In this way, it will just mix up unnecessary equivocalness and perplexity, if this point is talked about in her in-laws house.
  • It is also imperative for daughter-in-laws to know that they have no legitimate right on things that their moms in law used to have.
  • As a rule, the wife gets some adornments on a few occasions previously, then after the marriage from various friends and relatives. This property is called ‘Stree Dhan’. Along these lines, the daughter- in-law has no right on her mother-in-laws Stree Dhan.

Fairly speaking, whatever the daughter- in-law receives during and after marriage from and friends and relatives of both sides is grabbed by her mother-in-law for safe guardianship. In the event, that mother-in-law passes away without leaving a Will, the daughter-in- law legitimately gets it, not the son or the husband of the concerned lady.

In a nutshell, the rights of women in any relationship are safeguarded by the laws of this country but ample room for discrimination and legal encroachment is always there. Be it a daughter, daughter-in-law or an old age mother, many can be seen fighting for their rights. Actually, the problem lies in the mind-sets and not in the laws. Women have always been treated as the secondary creatures in our society and when it comes to giving them their legal rights; the ego of male members gets hurt to the core of their hearts.

Most of the property disputes related to the share of women in a particular land of piece are caused by the dominating unwillingness of the male members of the family, and as a result, the intensity of the dispute keeps deepening with every passing day. But it is the law of the country that defends women and helps them get what they legally deserve. Many thanks to technological advancements in the legal machinery, women can discuss their entire problem with property lawyers through email or telephonic communication. After discussing at primary level, they can approach to the Court of law.