Duties of a Public Prosecutor in the Criminal Justice System

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A perfect Prosecutor must see herself/himself as an executor of Justice. In India, we have a public prosecutor who acts as per the bearings of the judge. Typically, the control of whole trial is in the hands of the trial judge. Investigation is the right of the police. Be that as it may, it is by and large accepted that customary right of nolle prosequi is accessible to the prosecutor.

The general population prosecutor in India does not appear to be a backer of the state as in the prosecutor need to look for conviction at any expense. The prosecutor must be unbiased, reasonable and truthful as an open official as well as in light of the fact that the prosecutor has a place with the honourable calling of law, the morals of which request these qualities.

The Duties of The Prosecutor:

The role of the Prosecutor is not to resolutely look for a conviction paying little mind to the confirmation, yet his/her central obligation is to guarantee that justice is delivered. The Indian legal deciphered part, obligations and obligations of arraignment as takes after:

A perfect Public Prosecutor is not concerned with securing feelings, or with fulfilling bureaus of the State Governments with which she/he has been in contact with. He must see herself/himself as an executor of justice process. The Allahabad High Court had decided that it is the obligation of the Public Prosecutor to see that equity is vindicated and that he ought not acquire a corrupt conviction.

 The motive behind a criminal trial should be focused on blaming the honesty of the charged individual. The obligation of a Public Prosecutor is not to speak to any specific gathering, yet the State. The indictment of the charged persons must be directed with the most extreme equitability.

A Public Prosecutor ought not by explanation exasperate the argument against the denounced, or hold back a witness in light of the fact that her/his proof may debilitate the case for arraignment. The main point of a Public Prosecutor ought to be to support the court in finding truth. A Public Prosecutor may as well stay away from any processes prone to threaten or unduly impact witnesses on either side.

A Public Prosecutor might as well place in the eyes of the Court whatever confirmation is in her/his ownership .The obligation of an open Prosecutor is not simply to secure the conviction of the denounced no matter what yet to place under the watchful eye of the court whatever proof is in the ownership of the arraignment, if it be in favour of or against the charged and to leave the court to choose all such prove, if the blamed had or had not dedicated the offence with which he stood charged.