Every second elderly person in Delhi faces harassment over property

Submitted by asandil on 4/26/2014

As stated by an Older Persons Property Victimization Survey conducted by Helpage India in the recent past, most elderly individuals living with their children in Delhi face extraordinary pressure either in auctioning their property or exchange proprietorship.

Consistently elderly individual in Delhi confronts provocation over property. Delhi’s elite class who lives the premium localities in south Delhi where property rates have soared high recently, have the most elevated number of property-related provocation cases in the capital.

South Delhi has enlisted 41.6% of cases followed by central Delhi with 20.8% of cases. 54% of the provocation cases are continuously incurred on elderly by their children including both sons and daughters. These points of interest were highlighted in the Older Persons Property Victimization Survey (OPPVS) did by Helpage India in 2007. The overview secured 2,000 respondents matured between 65 and 91, living in 50 provinces over the capital.

When asked, only 402 seniors consented to talk on record. Lajpat Nagar, Saket and Rajinder Nagar were found to have the most astounding occurrence of badgering of elderly folks. North Delhi rose as the most “elderly-touchy” zone, with just 5.5% of provocation cases being accounted for from that point.

Just about a large portion of the individuals who spoke on record conceded that the circumstances had arrived at a point where they had been compelled to report the matter to the police. The rest were frightful of cabin dissentions on the grounds that they were perplexed their youngsters may assume them.

Some older men complained that in the case of property disputes, their wives often took the side of their sons leaving them virtually alone to fight the battle.

Arbind Prasad, Joint Secretary, Ministry for Social Justice and Empowerment, points out that the recent enactment by Parliament of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, 2007, was a key step in stopping such harassment. “The Bill provides for a three-month jail term if children do not look after their old parents. The penal provision is meant to act as a deterrent,” says Prasad.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that the Bill says folks can get guaranteed support under the Criminal Procedure Code (Crpc), it is both time intensive and costly. There is a need for straightforward, modest and expedient procurement for the forethought of parents. Because of this, the Bill has ordered the setting up of tribunals in each and every district to help the elderly in times of pain.

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