Know the Delhi Rent Control Bill

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Most of the persons living in urban regions are, by one means or another, straightforwardly or by implication influenced by the law of rent control which is common in nature and it varies from State to State. The law which was relevant to Delhi was Delhi and Ajmer Rent Control Act, 1952 (38 of 1952). 

Throughout the course of its materialization, numerous troubles were being confronted and it was viewed as important to establish an extensive law for Delhi. With a specific end goal to accomplish this target, the Delhi Rent Control Bill was presented in the Parliament.

The Delhi Rent Control Bill was passed by both the Houses of Parliament received the assent of the President on 31st December 1958. It came into force on 9th February, 1959 as THE DELHI RENT CONTROL ACT, 1958 (59 of 1958).

This Act may be known as the Delhi Rent Control Act, 1958. It reaches out to the regions included inside the points of confinement of the New Delhi Municipal Committee and the Delhi Cantonment Board and to such urban zones inside the breaking points of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi as are specified in the First Schedule: 

Given that the Central Government; might, by warning in the Official Gazette, enlarge this Act or any procurement thereof, to whatever possible urban region included inside the breaking points of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi of prohibit any are from the operation of this Act or any procurement thereof. 

The provisions as mentioned in this Act favour tenants and also safeguard the landlords only when both the parties follow the proper procedure before finalising the rent deal. Most of the landlords, for the sake of saving just a little amount of money, don’t follow the right process and allow tenants to start living in their premises. 

Act not to apply to specific premises.- 

(a) To any premises belonging to the Government; (Note: The expression "or" discarded by Act 57 of 1988, sec.2 (w.e.f. 1-12-1988).

(b) To any tenure or other like relationship made by an award from the Government in appreciation of the premises assumed rent, or demanded, by the Government:


[(note: Added by Act 4 of 1963, sec.2 (with review impact) Provided that where any premises having a place with Government have been or are legitimately let by any individual by temperance of a concurrence with the Government or overall, then, despite any judgment, pronouncement or request of any court or other power, the procurements of this Act should apply to such tenancy;]

[(c) (Note: Ins. by Act 37 of 1988, sec.2 (w.e.f. 1-12-1988) To any premises, whether private or not, whose month to month rent surpasses there thousand and five hundred rupees; or

(d) To any premises built on or after the beginning of the Delhi Rent Control (Amendment) Act, 1988, for a time of ten years from the date of finishing of such construction;]

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