Process of religious conversions

Submitted by asandil on 10/14/2020

The process of religious conversion was not a new phenomenon in India. The history of India was a colonial construct, written on the basis of three religious faiths in chronological order. The ancient represent rulers of Hindu, medieval era called as the Muslim rule and the modern era ruled by the British people which stand for the Christianity.


Process of changing your religion in India.

Right to religion is one of our fundamental rights. This is something which actually means that anybody can practice or profess any religion. This also means that you can change your religion at any time in your life. There could be many reasons, of course. eg: Someone wants to follow different faith or sometimes people might be getting married to somebody of a different religion.

To changing religion in India, the first and foremost important step is obtaining a conversion certificate. Each religion prescribes a different process of obtaining a conversion certificate. Like, for example, if you want to convert to Islam, you need to approach a mosque in your area. Then they’ll be performing some religious site and the maulvi will be giving you some certificate. Similarly, if you want to convert into Hinduism, you can approach the nearest temple, after performing certain religious activity, priest will give you a certificate.

Well, after obtaining these certificate, you need to remember that this is not the only thing which is required for changing your religion. The next step is approaching the gazette of india for declaring your change of religion ( The Gazette of India is a public journal and an authorised legal document of the Government of India, published weekly by the Department of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. As a public journal, the Gazette prints official notices from the government.).

You need to make an offline application to them for making the application. This affidavit basically contains details of your name, your new name in case you change your name after your religion changed, your own religion, your new religion, your parents name and your address. Now you need to make this affidavit. You need to sign it and get it notarized.

Your next step is that you need to give an advertisement in a national newspaper. After obtaining your newspaper publication, the final step is making an application to the Gazette of India. Now you need to send them your affidavit. You need to send them your newspaper copy. Then there are certain specimen performers and an application for my documents which are provided by them. Along with your conversion proof and identity proof, you need to go to the department.

Once you do this within 60 days, you will receive your notification in the Gazette of India. You need to take a print of this notification once it comes out and this serves as a proof of it. Please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Note: The Allahabad High Court has said on 1st NOV 2020 in a case that conversion just for the sake of marriage is not valid. The court referred to the case of Noor Jahan Begum in which the high court in 2014 held that conversion just for the purpose of marriage was unacceptable.