The best way to stay away from the disputes caused between tenants and landlord

Submitted by asandil on Thu, 04/17/2014 - 18:19

Disputes between tenants are a common sight these days both metro and mini metro cities. Needless to say that renting out a house has become a vast business these days where landlords behave like a dominating creature all the way, and so many times the tenants have to suffer what they don’t deserve. Searching a good and suitable place in a metro city like Delhi is definitely not an easy task for anyone, particularly for those who are new to the city.

It is really very difficult for the landlords also to have tenants that are cool and calm while making timely payments. So many times, landlords fall a pray to the unsocial and rowdy types of tenants who make it a hell for the landlords to cope with them. Here it becomes necessary for the landlords to get the police verification of the concerned tenants done by the local police officials. They also should gather all the necessary information about their permanent residence proof and other documents that can prove their identity.

Some landlords show their interests in saving a few hundred rupees and do not opt for the proper rent agreement process. A rent agreement is a legal proof of the temporary residence of a person and proves that the person is living in the same premises with the consent of the landlord, and not by any kind of encroachment. A judicious landlord should never take a risk of giving his/her house on rent without legal formalities.

As far as tenants are concerned, they should also be careful before entering into a rented room or house. The real things start when you start living in a rented house. As a social animal, man requires so many things to survive both personally and professionally. Be it an issue of internet connection, telephone connection, the opening of a bank account or any other documentation related activity, a properly-made rent agreement plays a significant role in all the above-mentioned activities.

Prevention is always better than cure. Be it the case of land-lording or the tenancy, both the involved parties should clear all the prerequisites in black and white. Once you take a little pain to get all the formalities done properly, you can stay peace of mind while living in a rented house. An aware tenant always makes it sure that he or she is getting a rent receipt every month against the payment he or she makes every month as rent. Further if you are facing any problem as a tenant or a landlord, we are eager to help you all the way. 

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