A few tips for tenants to avoid disputes with their landlords

Submitted by asandil on 4/11/2014

In the past 2 decades, a large percentage of India’s urban population has become more migratory than ever before. In the metro cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai have registered a never-before presence of the migratory people. As a result, leasing out houses and flats on rent has become a gigantic business. The rent in these cities has also skyrocketed in the recent past. The landlords are making huge money without doing anything. It’s only a business that requires only one time investment and keeps giving return for the entire lifetime.

In the light of the above, the number of tenant-landlord disputes has also gone high and is constantly on the rise. Therefore, in the following text we would discuss about how a tenant can utilize his legal rights.

Right to demand an agreement

It is and should be necessary for a tenant to settle for an informal agreement while taking a house/flat/room on rent. It works out in the situations when something unpleasant starts taking place between you and your landlord. It may prove to be safer and beneficial for you in more than one ways. When you start living in an unknown city, you need to regularise all your needs like Bank Account, Internet Connection, Gas connection and mobile phone connection etc. This is where a rent agreement can work for you very positively. It is both your necessity and right as per the law.

Right to demand payment receipts

It should be a matter of common sense to receive a receipt from your landlord as and when you make payment as your monthly rental. It’s a proof and strengthens your status as a payer. The receipt taken at the time when you make a certain amount of payment simply protects you in the cases of any false accusations and non-payment of rent. After all, the rent that you pay is not like buying a matchbox from the local grocery, it comprises a robust amount.

Right to drop contract and serve notice to landlord

In case you find yourself unsatisfied with living arrangement and facilities as claimed by the concerned landlord, you have the right the place by dropping the contract through a process and terms as mentioned in the agreement. A rent agreement gives you complete freedom to live in a particular house at your wish and convenience.

Right to use common areas of the society

As per the provisions of the rights of a tenant, you can make use the park, playground and other common facilities being used by other residents of the society. Nobody has the right to make any kind of discrimination just on the pretext that you are a tenant. In case, there is a provision for any extra fees or charges to use any particular service, the concerned tenant deserves the right to be informed in advance by the landlord.