The connection between women empowerment and the growing rate of divorces

Submitted by admin on May 27, 2024

Before going into this discussion let’s discuss what is women empowerment? It simply means giving power to women both financially and socially, so they could be self dependent and lead a life holding their head high. Everything is ok from the point of view of women who are deprived and helpless.

The social engineers and the intellectuals are of the view that the growing rate of divorce is very closely associated with women empowerment taking place in our society. More than 85 percent women in metro and mini metro cities work outside with managing their home after marriage, that means they spend more time in official work than at homes, and can’t give so much time to their family which they must give. The result causes dissatisfaction in both husband and wife.

Actually, husband and wife both are the wheels of the cart called life. Life needs outstanding balance from both the sides. Our society these days is going through a trauma where men with purely male bent of mind are not able to see women dominating the arena. They can’t tolerate if a lady in the house raises her voice in any matter.

The females of the society are of the view that women who are suffering from men’s torture and harassment, and living like a slave to their husbands now have options and choices. They are now are financially independent and aware of their rights. Now they have the courage to raise their voice against the injustices done to them.

It is also assumed that the divorce rates were not that much when women were not used to be a part of the professional/corporate world and dependent totally on their husbands in all respects. Let’s discuss what exactly does divorce mean? Does it necessarily mean the husband and wife separated under legal conditions? Or does it simply stand for a failed marriage? Domestic violence, ego clashes, sexual harassment- these are these not the reasons of failed marriages? If yes, then these were prevalent even before the women were “empowered”.

On the whole, it is a bitter to be swallowed that women empowerment is definitely a one of the causes behind growing divorce rate in a country like India where women are not supposed to act against the will of the male members of the family. The numbers of ladies are increasing who are self dependent financially and take initiative if they find their husband not suitable for them.