Don’t treat divorce as a monster. Just opt for ‘Mutual Consent’ way to settle things healthily

Submitted by asandil on 3/27/2014

In the past, India used to have the least rate of matrimonial disputes in the entire world. In a social order that is dependent upon qualities, social impulses and religious convictions, no couple, who got once wedded, was socially qualified to look for separation from each other.

At the same time, with rapid socio financial progressions and the developing level of skill development, different legitimate changes engaged especially the women to leave the relationship that they are discovering unacceptable or uncomfortable. It was the impact of globalization that affected the conventional qualities of purported customary Indian culture. As a result, the Courtrooms in India are nearly flooded with those opting for divorce.

Doubtlessly, the legal aspects of divorce in India still keep on being a bothered matter that causes incredible dissatisfaction and money related wastage. However, with some remarkable legitimate changes that were launched to resolve family disputes in an expedient manner, have clearly ameliorated the couples, especially when they decide to get separated by mutual consent.

The procedure of mutual divorce begins with documenting an appeal joined by affirmations from both the accomplices in the Family Court. This documentation is known as First Motion, in which both the parties give joint explanation illustrating that their relationship has gone to the bitterest level and there are no potential outcomes of any sort of compromises.

Following six months of the first motion, both the accomplices need to return in the court and the Judge settles on choice in the wake of hearing to their last articulations. To make things less demanding, in a revolutionary choice, in the year 2012, the Supreme Course of India gave a decision that no holding up time of 6 months is imperative if the ground for separation is mutual consent.

Anyway, the decision was hugely contradicted by the women associations across the country and subsequently, the bill was again imitated with some more shields for ladies. All in all, the lawful framework is currently enhanced enough to convey justice to those couples who are compelled to live in an unequal marriage. The divorce by mutual consent is the best of legal procedures to go through for cool, healthy and hassle-free separation.