A few necessary things for landlords to consider before renting out the house

Submitted by asandil on 4/18/2014

Renting out houses has become a hugely unfailing business specially in metro and mini metro cities. Sometimes, this becomes a great nuisance for the landlords as they take no care of some magnificent things while renting out their rooms and houses. As a result landlord-tenant disputes arise snatching the peace of mind of both the parties. Here in the text to follow, we would discuss some glaring point that each and every landlord should never ignore:

Complete Verification:

Checking each and every aspect about the authenticity of the tenants is of paramount importance. You should ask them for all the personal details and documents that include Voter ID Card, Pan Card, Bank Account Passbook, Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Character Certificate from the local police station and a few other documents that can prove their identity.

Office/Shop/Employer Details:

If the person or persons seeking a shelter in your house on rent are job doers, it must be necessary for you to take their ID cards or appointment letters issued to them by the concerned company. You can personally make a call to the company for more authentic confirmation.

Check out their paying capabilities

Rent is the prime issue for which you are renting out your house. Please make it sure whether the person to whom you are renting out your house is capable to pay your rent timely or not. You must remember that more than 90% of the cases related to tenant-landlord disputes are related to the untimely paid rent amounts.

The lifestyle that your tenants are following may be one of the prime reasons responsible for the disputes between you and your tenants. These include drinking habits, non-veg eating and smoking, late night arrivals and their behaviours with the neighbours.

These are the some main things that must be ensured before you rent out your property to anyone. These norms are applicable or suggestible particularly for the renting out issues of a residential area.

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