Law favours tenants also only when they complete lawful formalities from the very beginning

Submitted by asandil on 4/21/2014

Tenants all over the country face countless problems caused by landlords in terms of abruptly increasing the rent and untimely eviction. There are no of court decisions that favour the landlords. This situation arises due to lethargy shown at initial stages by tenants. Law is equal for everyone and favours tenants also only when they remain aware about some essential paperwork during the initial phases.

Most of the states have their own independent rent control Acts that safeguards the interests of tenants. What they need is just follow a few guidelines from the very beginning. Rent agreement is something what each and every tenant must be very particular about. It’s a document that works for you at so many places other than maintaining a cool and calm and relationship with you and your landlord.

When you are new to a city, you know no one and need to show your identity to survive. You need a bank account, internet connection and mobile connection for which a properly-drafted rent agreement works unfailingly. It’s a legal document that shows that you are living at a particular place. Therefore, don’t forget to get a rent agreement drafted in the company of your land lord.

Another important matter that you should be aware of as a tenant is that, you should never forget to take the receipt of the rent receipt paid by you every month. Suppose that you are paying your rent every month without any delay but you have no documentary proof of that, you may be in trouble. The law, the court and everyone in the legal machinery considers only a written document as proof if any possibility of disputes comes forward.

Please make your landlord mention each and everything in the rent agreement including electricity bill, water bill and other maintenance related expenditure. Once the things are expressed in a clear cut way, you can live comfortably up to the period you want to. Be specific in each and everything will help you a lot in case any dispute between you and landlord arise. Even the legal experts guide that being a tenant you must complete all the necessary paper work before you start living.

In the beginning, the entire process may seem to be very hectic, tiresome, irritating and time-consuming but in the long run, these papers will help you very much in the legal issues.

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