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Some life-soothing aspects of a lawful divorce

Submitted by asandil on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 19:22

In every culture and every civilized society, it is strongly believed that separation is always better than a bad relationship. The word divorce sounds very unpleasant and irritating in context of Indian social fabrics. But it has become a very common practice these days.

A large number of people can very easily be seen standing in long queues for seeking divorce from their respective partners. In the following text we would discuss about how this temporarily bad incident can prove to be beneficial in the long run to those who are planning to take divorce or already have taken it as per the Court of Law.

It may sound hilarious and shocking when we relate the word ‘benefits’ with divorce but by going through the points below, you can come to a better conclusion.

Generally it is observed that people who are divorced start cursing themselves and their fortune for not being able to make it big in their family life. They never think of the positive side of their separation, and it is only depression that starts ruling over their lives. The researchers of Kingston University of London have found out that 90% divorced ladies were happy while attending their final hearing for divorce in the Family Court.

They were cheerful because they came out of bad relationship which they were not able to cope with. Frankly speaking, what are the uses of a marriage in which you can’t enjoy marital bliss at all? It is better to die once instead of dying every day, every moment. After coming out of a bad relationship, you simply achieve a better mental state, there is no doubt about it.

With growing resource of income and a global exposure, the modern ladies in India now take no time in coming out of a relationship which they find difficult to tackle or tolerate. These days, you can very easily see ‘single mothers’ who are performing better after getting their divorce. Gone are the days when women were forced to tolerate a black-sheep husband for lifetime.

The same is applicable upon men also. It makes no sense when you are compelled to live life of an unwanted and uncared person. It is always better to repair if there is a room in relationship for that. But if you are finding it beyond your control, just get rid of the snake of your neck and give life a second chance thinking that someone somewhere is definitely made for you. What you need is the courage to make a new beginning while learning lessons from the previous one. Always remember that no person is the last person in your life just like a job. No person has the right to fill your life with utmost bitterness and intolerably pathetic humdrums. Never think about what has happened and what will happen. Just think that you deserve a better one in your life and whatever has passed is the thing of the past.